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"Mormon Groups" Blast Mormon Church For Proposition 8, SLT fasely reports

You would think they are Mormon groups! Salt Lake Tribune falsely calls 'Mormons for Marriage', 'Affirmation: Gay and Lesbian Mormons', 'LDS Safe Space Coalition', and 'Foundation for Reconciliation' "Mormon-tied gay-rights groups." They have the word Mormon in their name right?

No, these are not Mormon groups. The liberal Salt Lake Tribune (I think I read somewhere that their owner runs Associated Press) tries to spin a simple call for free speech by Dallin H. Oaks into something somehow hateful. The liberal left is simply trying to divide the opposition. Commenters take the bait: "Does Elder Oaks really sound like a mouthpiece of God? Or a lawyer defending a guilty-looking defendant?"

Here's is Oak's message that SLT finds so offensive: "We must insist on our constitutional right and duty to exercise our religion, to vote our consciences on public issues and to participate in elections and debates in the public square and the halls of justice. These are the rights of all citizens and they are also the rights of religious leaders."

Mormon Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D) criticized church leaders: "... resources that went into the Proposition 8 effort could have been put to better use..."

Robin McGehee said Reid told her: " was harmful for the church to focus on such a divisive issue" reports San Francisco Chronicle.

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Anonymous said...

While the media has indeed been biased here, I actually DO believe that there has been a lot of Mormons/Mormon groups blasting the church over Prop 8. For example, I have a friend born and raised in So Cal who is now living in Utah and she recently told me about the opposition she's encountered over prop 8:
Whenever I talk about this stuff I get attacked by Mormons more than by anybody else- WEIRD, but not a mystery... I mean scripture tells it plain and clear that satan will try to deceive the elect and the scourges will start within the church. It's here in Utah BADLY, especially with the attack on the church's stance on gay marriage, etc.!!
I don't bring this up to counter your post, but to bring to attention that there is much less unison on this particular issue than I would have anticipated from members.