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MSNBC calls Mormon leader "Worst Person In The World" for denouncing violence

(goodsense mentioned this a couple days ago)

In fifth grade I knew a kid that made lists of "worst people in the world." But I have never seen a grown man do it until now. I thought liberals didn't judge. video here

Olbermann naturally lies about the quote. When does he not do that? Olbermann says Oaks said the "backlash against Mormons for meddling in the Prop 8 vote last year was akin to the intimidation of blacks in the South during the civil rights movement." Not true. Oaks was not talking about a backlash against Mormons, but the "outrage against those who disagreed with the gay-rights position." Oaks makes this 200% clear. He couldn't have said it any more clearly (see the entire quote of Oaks below.)

Also, Olbermann got the name of the church wrong.

How does a voter meddle in voting? All Mormons did was promote a cause using free speech... Isn't that what the blacks did in the south? Whether it was right or wrong, Mormon voters were intimidated with violence much like blacks were, for "meddling with the vote."

Olbermann says without a shred of evidence that Mormons were "on the wrong side of integration and the wrong side of that pesky ancient order of one woman per marriage." Actually Mormons promoted civil rights for blacks, and have never said that the ancient order of marriage is not polygamous. Apparently the MSNBC shockstar has no clue about Mormon history.

Olbermann concludes that Oaks should: "Shut the hell up!"

Dallin H. Oaks resigned from state Supreme Court when he became an apostle. He probably knows what he's talking about when it comes to legal matters, he probably reads a lot of books. The only book Keith Olbermann reads is the Thesaurus.

Here is the entire quote by Oaks in context:

Along with many others, we were disappointed with what we experienced in the aftermath of California’s adoption of Proposition 8, including vandalism of church facilities and harassment of church members by firings and boycotts of member businesses and by retaliation against donors. Mormons were the targets of most of this, but it also hit other churches in the pro-8 coalition and other persons who could be identified as supporters. Fortunately, some recognized such retaliation for what it was. A full-page ad in the New York Times branded this “violence and intimidation” against religious organizations and individual believers “simply because they supported Proposition 8 [as] an outrage that must stop.” The fact that this ad was signed by some leaders who had no history of friendship for our faith only added to its force.

It is important to note that while this aggressive intimidation in connection with the Proposition 8 election was primarily directed at religious persons and symbols, it was not anti-religious as such. These incidents were expressions of outrage against those who disagreed with the gay-rights position and had prevailed in a public contest. As such, these incidents of “violence and intimidation” are not so much anti-religious as anti-democratic. In their effect they are like the well-known and widely condemned voter-intimidation of blacks in the South that produced corrective federal civil-rights legislation.


Anonymous said...

Sure, let's just disregard terrorists, rapists, murderers, child molesters and go after the real evil ones: The Clergy! OMG! How dare they talk about freedom of speech and being respectful!

Anonymous said...

What is MSNBC and who is this idiot named Oberman?