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MSNBC Host Asks If He Can Shoot Republican Spokesman

On his radio show, Ed Schultz was cheering on Rep. Alan Grayson (D)s claim that Republicans want a "holocaust" and people to "die quickly."

Quotes from newsbusters:

This guy is an all-American representative. This guy had, you think he's worried about re-election?! You know why he's doing this? Because he's representing the people in his district. This is how Americans feel.... Gosh I wish President Obama would take that material and lay it right on these 40 obstructionists in the Senate. In fact I wish this Grayson guy was a speechwriter for President Obama...

This is what liberals have been missing for two decades. This type of punch-'em-in-the-nose mentality, give it right back to 'em. Now I think that there are progressive talkers out there that have done this, including myself, I'm not the only one...

This is how they play the game. Spain is the same guy that went after me. Hey, can I Cheney this guy? Could I take him pheasant hunting? I won't shoot him in the face. I may hit him in the a**, but I won't get him in the face.

National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman Ken Spain had told The Hill that Grayson "has established a pathological pattern of unstable behavior" in his attacks.

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