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Obama's Attacks on Fox News help Obamacare Push

Glenn Beck quoting Wall Street Journal made an excellent point that all the conservatives whining about Obama's fascist attacks on non-liberal media simply takes our attention away from his healthcare push. The liberal public likes the censorship of Fox News and Rush Limbaugh, and it distracts our attention away long enough for him to ram socialist legislation down our throats.

It's the dirtiest kind of politics.

Beck makes another excellent point about the slander tactics liberals use against opponents:

  • Dangerous- Racist, terrorist, violent, evil, bullies, etc.
  • Wrong-thinking- Rednecks, uneducated, emotional, homophobe, sexist, backward thinking, cold-hearted, etc.
  • Profiteering- Insurance companies, oil companies, lobbyists, Blackwater, etc.

  • Before this, they blame Bush, I would argue. Hate is so much easier with a single face to go along with it. Liberals blame Bush for all Obama's mistakes and capriciously attack current opposition with these three categories of slimeball attacks.

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