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Reuters Reports Bogus "Abuses" From Honduras "Coup," Misquotes Rights Groups

Reuters continues the lie that Honduras had a coup

Reuters laments that "the de facto government of Honduras at times feels uncannily like Latin America's dark past of military rule." Reuters cites Amnesty International, which claims there have been police beatings and mass arrests.

Is that really bad? I mean, we see that every time there is a G-20. The Honduran protesters were being violent so police beat and arrested them.

Reuters quotes Amnesty International: "Honduras risks spiralling into a state of lawlessness, where police and military act with no regard for... rights."

Susan Lee said that last month, and it was in regards to the a ban on public meetings and a curfew. The decree has been lifted already.

The meat of Reuter's claims of human rights abuses comes from the sketchy group Cofadeh. One allegation is of a kid getting shot in the back by police on a motorbike. Cofadeh just assumes that any time someone gets shot, police did it. Then Cofadeh screams when police hold curfews and break up protests? Doesn't really make sense to me...

After a new constitution and civilian led government overthrew corruption-ridden dictators, Cofadeh was created against the governemt. It investigated dissapearances that were blamed on the Battalion 3-16 and CIA. The people who disappeared were communist, hence, this group is known as communist.

Remember how Reuters said Honduras "feels uncannily like Latin America's dark past of military rule?" COFADEH fought against the civilian reformation and for the previous military rule. Here are some incidents Cofadeh blamed on police:

  • A gay man was shot while violating a curfew and displayed signs of strangulation. source
  • A man who spoke out against the "coup" was shot dead. source

  • There are many more apparently random killings that this group blames police on. The most well reported "outrage" is the arrest of Jose David Murillo Sanchez, who was taken as he left a COFADEH office. His son had allegedly been shot in a protest (also blamed on police).

    Most media have ignored the fact that he was arrested with a warrant for a crime he had committed about two years earlier, as a member of the radical environmentalist group MAO. What was the crime? What is MAO?

    Can't find that out anywhere.

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