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Washington Post spreads Warren Buffet pro-communist tool to defend Iran

Joseph Cirincione president of the Ploughshares Fund claims Iran is many years away from developing nuclear weapons. Don't worry so much! Everything's fine! Raw Story and other liberal media quickly picked up the "report."

AIM reports that the Ploushares Fund is just another tool of Warren Buffet and Ted Turner to promote communist causes.

One big recipient of money from Warren Buffett's foundation (The Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation) has been the San Francisco-based Ploughshares Fund, a group that has made a name for itself by sponsoring one of Bill Richardson's "peace" trips to North Korea, hosting actor Sean Penn at one of its briefings, and promoting a book praising J. Robert Oppenheimer, the American A-bomb scientist exposed as a communist and Soviet spy. Hollywood actor Michael Douglas serves on the group's board.

The Ploughshares Fund boasts that its "program officer" for North Korea, Paul Carroll, became "one of only a few foundation representatives ever allowed into North Korea," when he visited the country from July 4-8 at the invitation of North Korea's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It was not disclosed if Carroll would be registering with the Justice Department as a foreign agent for North Korea.

On another foreign affairs issue, the Buffett Foundation provided $500,000 to the Nuclear Threat Initiative, a group founded by Ted Turner whose slant can be seen in its posting of a story accusing the media and U.S. officials in Washington of having "significantly overstated the capabilities of both North Korea's ballistic missiles and U.S. national missile defenses…" during the recent crisis. This group believes in dealing with dictators to reduce the threat, rather than building up our own military strength.


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Anonymous said...

Dealing with dictators rather than building up military defense? Give me a break. Is that because dictators are such sane and understanding people?
Iran is much closer to nuclear power than we had anticipated. They have 2 uranium enrichment facilities and without the scientific need to test an enriched uranium bomb, technological progress would suggest the Shahab-3 missile can very likely carry a small diameter warhead. Tel Aviv ought to be very nervous right now.