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What Does Bill O'Reilly And Fidel Castro Have In Common?

Fidel Castro Praised Obama's Receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, calling it a "positive measure" because it is meant to reprimand past U.S. presidents.

Bill O'Reilly's praise is only slightly more peaceful: "The Nobel people say it was Obama's mostly pre-presidential rhetoric that got him the award. On the other side, President Obama is a predator drone kind of guy - his administration is blowing the hell out of terrorists in Pakistan from the sky. It's justified, but not exactly peaceful. The president is also waging war in Afghanistan and Iraq; again, justified, but brutal.

Talking Points understands the dissent, but does not share it. Having a U.S. president honored with a peace prize is good for the country. We should want the world to think we're a nation that gives peace a chance, because that's what we are. There are times when what's good for America should trump partisan politics. President Obama was honored today and the world is hearing 'America' and 'peace' in the same sentence. That's good.

I don't follow your logic there, Bill.

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cura te ipsum said...

This prize has become a joke. Remember when Al Gore won against that old woman who had smuggled and saved 2,500 children from being killed in Nazi concentration camps? Apparently it's not about who deserves it or "peace". Actually 3 of the 5 judges were extreme left by American political standards. No surprise there.