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"You guys said we did this for the show." Balloon Boy Faked!

Update The Sheriff is opening an investigation after the parents released a video of the balloon getting released. And the father has been pitching a reality show of the family all around town. Psycho!

The boy vomits as the dad tries to explain away the boys admission Apparently he vomited in two different media appearances this morning. How many TV shows is the limelight father going to parade him on?

He called the FAA and local media first, which apparently he had on speed-dial and then the media.

The idiot police still say it's not a hoax. The idiot reporter doesn't even notice the boy vomiting! This guy loves attention more than Barack Obama!

This is getting interesting. The young boy who hid in an attic, while the media went crazy thinking he was flying to his death in a balloon, was asked by his parents why he didn't come out. His reply:

"You guys said that we did this for a show"

Mom quickly says: "No!" The father obviously freaked out sputters: "You didn't, um, come out?"

Wolf Bitzer isn't known for intelligence. Can a hoax be any more obvious? It takes him a while to follow up on the admission. Listen very carefully! At 16 seconds, as CNN asks what he means by that you can hear the brother say something. What did he say? "Don't tell him", is what some are claiming.

Oh, it was... uh... about that other show we did.... The father gets angry at CNN for asking about the admission: "I'm appalled at you."

The guy has a youtube series titled "Fake or Real." I guess their 15 minutes of fame on Swapping Wives wasn't enough. Give this man a Nobel Prize!

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Anonymous said...

I'm very against the UN taking away a parent's rights, but once in awhile when I see a story like this, I have to question some of the parenting skills out there. I can't even understand the mentality these people have.