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Al Gore Fakes Satellite Photos In His 'Scientific' Book

The cover of Al Gore's new book Our Choice; A Plan To Solve The Climate Crisis is a photoshopped satellite photo of earth.

Al Gore adds several hurricanes and takes out the ice caps in the photo to make up for the fact that the earth has cooled for the last ten years and hurricane numbers have declined the last 30 years.

Hurrican expert Ryan Maue of the University of Florida found this, and liberal Charles Johnson at LittleGreenFootballs ridiculed Rush Limbaugh for reporting it.

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The Knowledge Czar said...

WOW!! I'm not surprised. Good ol' Al knows the real satellite pictures and solid science don't agree with his agenda (which he stands to make millions off of). If his global C02 crisis was real he wouldn't have to doctor the photos to make it LOOK real. I hope he gets more ridiculous so it wakes more rational people up to the scam. It's all about finding reasons for higher taxes here and in other countries (Cap&Trade) and lining a few high profile pockets (Al's, and NBC/MSNBC owner GE's) after all.

Anonymous said...

Would this 'Scientific' book happen to contain any data from the University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit? Maybe they helped him cut and paste the cover's pictures too. I can imagine how it went down:

EACRU: Let's put some hurricanes here... and a few more there...
Al: Nope. Needs to look more threatening. Melt some icecaps.
EACRE: Oh oh, we'll put Florida underwater! And Cuba *click* gone!
Al: $$$$