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AP Cooks Healthcare Poll: "Tax The Rich"

Original Associated Press article archived here. Poll here.

It's not actually an AP poll, but a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation poll. Their mission is to "ensure that everyone in America has stable, affordable health care coverage." How? "Supporting Private/Public Expansions. Increased coverage can be achieved by promoting expansions of coverage in the public and private sectors. This includes encouraging state and federal expansion efforts and encouraging employers and health plans to expand opportunities for private insurance."

Biased much?

"Conducting Research and Analysis on Factors that Affect Availability of Affordable, Stable Coverage. We are particularly interested in commissioning, conducting and disseminating innovative research and policy analysis that will reveal the fundamental barriers to achieving affordable and stable health care coverage for all, including the rapidly rising cost of care and the structural features of private health insurance markets."

Newsbusters points out some ridiculous assumptions based on AP's half-baked poll:

  • People who want to tax high income earners don't necessarily want to "tax the rich." Many have high wages yet aren't rich. AP falsely equates net income and net worth throughout the article.
  • AP cheers that this poll "will be welcome news for House Democrats." And the socialized healthcare AP has been cheerleading the last couple of months.
  • The majority oppose the socialized healthcare proposed by Congress in AP's poll, yet AP doesn't even mention it. Isn't that kinda what this story is all about? Is this still welcome news for House Democrats?
  • A whopping 64% oppose penalties for not buying government health insurance, according to AP's poll, yet AP is again silent.
  • Almost twice as many respondents think Congress socialized healthcare will make the economy worse, AP is again silent. Only 24% in the poll said they trust Congress to do what's right. No mention from AP.
  • Finally, an overly large percentage (37%) of respondents are retired. AP cooked the poll it turns out. Now, why would retired people want to tax high income earners to pay for their healthcare?? Hmmmmmm....
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