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AP Falsely Reports That Zelaya Is Still President Of Honduras

The Associated Press avoids the word 'sabotage' in their report on violence against poll workers ahead of Honduras' presidential elections.

AP still insists that Zelaya, who was impeached for unconstitutionally seeking lifetime presidency, is the rightful president. AP falsely reports a "coup" "removed" him from his country:

Micheletti, who was named acting president after a June 28 coup removed President Manuel Zelaya, has said he is taking a temporary leave from office from Thursday...

Zelaya's ouster over his push to overhaul Honduras' constitution has isolated Micheletti's government diplomatically and led many countries to say they will not recognize the election, which was scheduled before the coup.

Zelaya, whose term ends Jan. 27, says the vote is an attempt to legitimize the coup and the results should not be recognized.

'Overhaul the constitution'... great doublespeak! Could Zelaya's attempt to delegitamize the democratic elections be behind the terrorism? Nah....

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