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AP Flat Out Lies: 'Hate Crimes Against Gays Rises Sharply'

More lies from the Associated Press

Reports of hate crimes against gays and religious groups increased sharply in 2008, according to FBI data released Monday.

Overall, the number of reported hate crimes increased about 2 percent. These same figures show a nearly 11 percent increase in hate crimes based on sexual orientation, and a nearly 9 percent increase in hate crimes based on religion.

The largest category, racially motivated hate crimes, fell less than 1 percent.

The truth is that according to these FBI statistics, hate crimes against blacks rose 8 percent, a huge contrast to AP's reported 1 percent decrease in racial crimes.

Crimes against gays rose 3 percent, not 11 percent. The number of victims rose 11% but the number of incidents rose only 3%. Also, this number doesn't reflect the massive increase in hate crimes by gay activists against heterosexuals surrounding the proposition 8 controversy.

Hate crimes are only against liberals after all.

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Anonymous said...

Don't expect liberals to get numbers right. They find numbers to be abstract and hard to understand, which results in situations like Obama spending 3.5 trillion in one year and the economy is still bad. They then scratch their heads and try to figure out how to cook these peculiar mathematical symbols so they can keep their jobs. Expecting them to report percentages correctly is a lost cause.