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AP 'heartbroken' that Maine voters 'torpedoed' gay marriage

They were hopeful earlier today, but the Associated Press admitted defeat in the vote to legalize gay marriage in Maine. Question 1 passed 53-47, higher than the count for Proposition 8 in California.

In what "amounts to a heartbreaking defeat for the gay rights movement," AP laments that voters "torpedoed" gay marriage. AP calls supporters of the effort "gay-marriage opponents" rather than traditional-marriage proponents.

AP had said gay marriage might pass because Maine has "a Yankee spirit of fairness and live-and-let-live". No bias there!

AP finishes their article with the typical one-sided interviews of supposedly common voters. "They love and they have the right to love. And we can't tell somebody how to love." Apparently the majority of voters don't agree, but AP only reports this attitude among voters.

AP fails to mention that gay marriage proponents raised about twice as much funds as opponents. But then, they didn't report that in California's vote either.

In their zeal earlier today for gay marriage, San Francisco Chronicle pointed out that Maine has "no evangelical Christian mega-churches like those in California from which to draw same-sex marriage opponents." I'm sure they'll bash religion anyway!


Who is John Galt? said...

Again and again the media forgets that just because they continually broadcast a certain point of view night after night, that doesn't mean that everyone agrees with them.

The people of Maine did the right thing: Their elected officials have no right to change the definition of the fundamental institution of humanity to please a small group of people who despise it because it proves that they are the "unnatural" ones. No matter how much the liberal media and governments want to please their gay friends, again and again the people of the United States have made it known that they do not want marriage destroyed. Healthy marriages and their derivative, healthy families are the backbone of a healthy society. Goodness knows are society is not as healthy as it once was. We need to restore the sanctity of strong marriages and homes, not further hurt it to make those who have made poor choices feel better!

Anonymous said...

You have to admit that this IS heartbreaking for gays and lesbians. I believe there is real pain being experienced this morning. If you think about it, most of them probably aren't religious and don't have the same moral compass. They don't see their choices as wrong or counterproductive so of course they are going to feel like victims in this. We need to remember that while we don't condone what they do, we are still under obligation to be considerate and kind. I think we should all be promoting equal rights in civil unions as a fair alternative.