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AP Preaches: Global Warming is worse than we ever imagined !!

As the Associated Press tries to cover up the biggest science scandal of this century, they produce the biggest piece of rubbish so far.

Since the 1997 international accord to fight global warming, climate change has worsened and accelerated — beyond some of the grimmest of warnings made back then...

Even the gloomiest climate models back in the 1990s didn't forecast results quite this bad so fast.

"The latest science is telling us we are in more trouble than we thought," said Janos Pasztor, climate adviser to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon...

"Back in 1997, the impacts (of climate change) were underestimated; the rate of change has been faster," said Virginia Burkett, chief scientist for global change research at the U.S. Geological Survey.

That last part alarms former Vice President Al Gore, who helped broker a last-minute deal in Kyoto.

"By far the most serious differences that we've had is an acceleration of the crisis itself," Gore said in an interview this month with The Associated Press.

You have got to be freaking kidding me! This is exactly the opposite of the truth. And it's so obvious! Temperatures have been declining, not increasing. AP lies when they claim polar Bears are in danger, because polar bears have actually doubled their population. The evidence is simply not there, it is fabricated.

Of course, the scandal of the century fully illustrates how this hoax has been perpetrated. The Associated Press is obviously in collusion.

The hacked emails themselves say it best: This is "ultimatley a political decision."

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The Knowledge Czar said...

The scam is obvious to anybody that's paying attention. They point to the Kyoto Protocol as a benchmark that things have gotten so much worse since. The Kyoto Protocol is what they want replace by signing the UNFCCC Treaty- the one that will create a new worldwide "government" (in quotes because that is what it says in the treaty) to control the climate. Whether or not Global Warming is real, if it is not anthropomorphic, then nothing we do will ever help, including creating a worldwide government over it and imposing Cap&Tax. And it has been proven to be NOT anthropomorphic over and over. Their real intention is an excuse for higher taxes, and possibly for a worldwide government. I know it sounds crazy, but I have read the treaty myself, and that's exactly what it says they'll do in the name of saving the earth and "environmental justice."