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AP Uses Disgraced Climategate Scientist To Pressure U.S. To Reduce Emissions

AP headline: US and China to reduce emissions, but not enough

Yes, the Associated Press frets that the United States isn't reducing their carbon emissions enough to stop global warming. This is the latest AP effort to support cap and trade legislation as they ignore the climategate scandal.

Scientists say the industrial countries must slash carbon emissions by 25 to 40 percent by 2020 below 1990 to prevent the Earth from adding two degrees Centigrade (3.6F), the maximum considered safe.

Who is the scientist that made this important claim? None other than Michael Mann, the disgraced CRU scientist at the center of the scientific scandal of the century, the senior ranking member of the Obama Administration.

Climatechange: The Next Generation reported in 2008:

Mann said he would leave solutions largely to future discussions, but presented the audience with a picture of the painting The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, a portrait of a prophecy from the Christian Bible about the end of the Earth.

"They will make an appearance if we chose to remain on the course we're on," Mann said, pointing to the painting.

During a question and answer session, Mann explained that two degrees Celsius of warming is considered a danger zone because two degrees Celsius higher than the average temperature of the Earth today is the temperature when Greenland had no ice sheet.

KPBS quoted him:

"Just 20 more years of emissions would put us at CO2 levels where there is a danger of warming in excess of about two degrees Celsius, or 3.5 degrees or so Fahrenheit,” says Mann. “And that's often considered a threshold for what we might begin to think of as a potentially dangerous level of interference with the climate."

Of course AP would cover up climategate and continue to scare the public with dire predictions, but it is very audacious for them to base their predictions on the disgraced scientists themselves!!

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Anonymous said...

Anybody out there?

Great blog, well done.


Anonymous said...

I agree, a very well done blog. There aren't many sources out there that don't have some liberal spin. It's refreshing to hear some real news, not "the menu at the state dinner" or some other ridiculous Obama worship.

Dr B said...

Thank you for the kind words, my friends! It makes me happy when people notice my blog reports, and especially when they give support and compliments. It really means a lot!