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AP preaches that life-sentence for teens is unconsitutional

The Associated Press reports that under-age teens who commit horrific non-homicide crimes "effectively were sentenced to die in prison" when they got life in prison.

AP says the Supreme Court ruled that people under 18 may not get the death penalty, and thus reasons that the Supreme Court should rule life-imprisonment unconstitutional. All this in AP's report titled High court to look at life in prison for juveniles. Biased much?

This ridiculous report goes on to claim that teens who get life sentences are "judged incorrigible," and notes that the Court's majority ruling on death sentences for teens found "a greater possibility exists that a minor's character deficiencies will be reformed" which made the punishment cruel and unusual.

AP naturally reports only the liberal side of the issue and spuriously claims that "corrections officials, psychologists, educators and even some victims" are against life sentences, yet hardly presents the other side.

AP reports, AP decides.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Apparently AP has no idea what is in the constitution. I'm not sure that underage criminals shoule be put in prison for life, but the constitution certainly doesn't prohibit it.