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Associated Press Continues With Honduras "Coup" Lie, NYT Cover Up

The Associated Press falsely calls the impeachment of Zelaya a 'coup' at least 7 times in their report on the Honduras elections. Despite Zelaya's call for a boycott, record numbers of voters turned out for the elections.

Some reports say 70% of the population voted.

The New York Times refuses to report how many people voted, even though they admit "much of the suspense appeared to hang on how many of Honduras’s 4.6 million voters would turn up."

NYT reports that 46% of people voted in the last elections which Zelaya won, yet fail to report that over 60% voted in these elections. NYT insists that despite the 25% increase in voting, the "The coup has divided Honduran society between those who support the restoration of the president, Manuel Zelaya, and those who say the coup was the only recourse against a populist president seeking to remain in power beyond his term." That's easy to say when you cover up the true numbers!

The media has completely ignored violent Zelaya supporters who tried to sabotage the elections.

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