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Free Republic Forum Spreads Propaganda Against Mitt Romney

The so-called conservative political forum inserts anti-Romney propaganda in each of their threads:

"Conservatives beware: The real Mitt Romney arguing FOR abortion, even for underage girls without parental permission

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, this is the creepy smiling face of an evil baby killing butcher!"

The inserted 'opinions' then provide links to more propaganda inserted by the website, smearing so-called Romneycare. I think it's safe to say the socialized healthcare issue is the weak spot for Romney right now. But considering how much the Massachusetts health care has been misrepresented, how much the liberals had altered it from Romney's vision, this infighting by a so-called Republican forum is despicable.

I have deleted this shameful forum from my news sources.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for Romney. He's had to absorb anti-mormon propaganda and has been widely misunderstood on Massachusetts issues. He did make a switch on abortion, but he chose pro-life so I'm not sure what this "baby killer" stuff is about. And his original idea of state healthcare was butchered and rewritten by his awful legislature. The current Romneycare is not what he initiated and it's too bad he alone is having to take the heat for it.