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HBO's Urinating On Jesus Skit... What If It Were Mohammed?

The New American asks a great question:

Try to wrap your head around the hell that would break loose if the following scenario were true: The American lead character on one of the most popular comedy shows on TV “accidentally” urinates on a statue of Mohammed. Can you even fathom the fiery outrage?

How many nanoseconds would pass before extremist Muslims would issue a jihad calling for the death of the infidel comedian? There is no doubt that before the guilty comedian and his complicit network bosses could even draw a breath to apologize, innocent Americans the world over would be assaulted and the offices of American interests all over the globe would be ablaze!

The virulence of the reaction need not be completely imagined, however, as it’s only been four years since violence erupted throughout the Muslim world over a depiction of the prophet Mohammed that appeared in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten. Danish embassies in Syria, Lebanon, and Iran were burned and buildings with branch offices of European companies were ransacked and vandalized. Furthermore, politicians and pundits alike decried the “insensitivity” and “bigotry” of the illustrators and the newspaper that published the editorial cartoons. There was no measure or delay to the castigation of and retaliation for the perceived insult to one of the world’s largest religions.

Now, imagine that the above imaginary scene actually happened only instead of Mohammed, the comedian in question urinated on a painting of Jesus Christ. Observers and commentators would instantly ride to the defense of Christianity and fill the airwaves and newspaper with quick and unqualified denouncements of such intolerance, right? Wrong. Blogs, trade journals, entertainment news shows, and newspapers are mocking the “overreaction” and “victim mentality” on the part of Christians

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Anonymous said...

Great post, but I think it's a good thing that Christians didn't act like extreme Muslims in this case. As a Christian, I don't need violence to show my anger and I certainly don't need liberal media and blogs to back me up. What HBO did was offensive and wrong, but Christians shouldn't be defended by comparing what madmen would have done in a similar situation.