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Jerry Seinfeld Calls Marriage 'War'

"Having a girlfriend is like playing whiffle ball. Being married is the war in Iraq."

At an Autism event?

Earlier, Seinfeld's HBO show with Larry David featured fat stupid Christians praying to a urine-covered picture of Jesus.


Who is John Galt? said...

That explains a lot about Jerry Seinfeld's personal life. I would refer to marriage as the adventure of a lifetime (make that eternity) and a girlfriend as a frustrating search to find the right one to begin the adventure with. I would also refer to Jerry Seinfeld as an ignorant idiot when it comes to love and marriage.

Anonymous said...

I actually thought the comment was kind of funny. Although marriage shouldn't be compared to war (because it is rather blissful for the most part), he is right in comparing the magnitude of difference between the two. Everything about being married, the love, the arguments, the choices, the commitments, etc. have so much more impact than in lesser boyfriend/girlfriend relationships. It's not a little game anymore when your choices influence another person's life daily.