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LA Times Fabricates Quote To Defend ACORN

LA Times received a black eye when they claimed the Los Angeles ACORN was clean. A video of illegal activity promptly surfaced.

No retraction from the LA Times.

Instead, they went on to defend the corrupt liberal organization by falsely claiming that whistle-blower O'Keefe compared himself to slime ball Michael Moore:

I regret that I didn't get through in September when I tried to obtain O'Keefe's response to Stewart's comments. He said he didn't receive the e-mail I sent via the website that posts his videos. He told me this week via e-mail that Stewart has no legitimate defense for her "outrageous" comments and that release of unedited video would do nothing to make her look better.

So what sort of creature does this make O'Keefe? I don't disagree with his observation in a previous interview with The Times that he follows the mold of filmmaker Michael Moore, using confrontation to get at his version of the truth.

O'Keefe never said that. The LA Times reporter Rainy defends this libel by claiming that O'Keefe's comments were unpublished.

Related... California Attorney General Jerry Brown defends ACORN obstruction of justice. Typical.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Jerry Brown is faulting THEM for obstruction of justice? That's funny. I personally think what O'Keefe did was brilliant. The lack of integrity shown by ACORN could not have been captured any other way. I'm a little surprised to that LA Times didn't learn anything with the first several videos. This isn't a time to be second-guessing. This country needs journalists who are willing to put things on the line to get the truth and liberal media isn't cutting it.