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Media: People Aren't Qualified To Understand Global Warming

Skip ahead to 4:20- Fox News reports on Sen. Inhofe's call for an investigation before this explosion from a radical liberal elitist.

More video of liberal meltdown here

That's right, you and I aren't qualified to criticize scientific cover-ups and manipulations because we aren't educated. CNBC ambushed Inhofe earlier today, refusing to let him speak for himself, as they further insisted that he isn't smart enough to talk about global warming. CNBC insists that scientists so closely linked to Obama couldn't possibly be crooked! Oops.

The media has largely ignored Climategate, which I was among the first to report on, but they have gone on to illogically appeal to authority (as they did here), refuse to report the actual text of the files (NYT), irrelevant conclusions (Associated Press), and the typical claim that there is no scandal revealed. CNN says the emails are taken out of context. BBC says the irrelevant criticism is a "trial by internet."

Reuters was happy to trumpet CRU's claim that Climategate is a "smear campaign".

There is nothing in the stolen material which indicates that peer-reviewed publications by CRU, and others, on the nature of global warming and related climate change are not of the highest-quality of scientific investigation and interpretation.

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Anonymous said...

I'm getting tired of this elitist mentality. These "thinkers" are the reason America is in this sorry state. Liberals elites run their social experiments and agendas expecting the rest of us to assume our limited cognitive power and turn over our freedom and capacity for individual thought. Obama campaigned that everyone else was so "out of touch" with common Americans, but it's middle America who think, own, produce, hire, and create that have the good sense to see through him and his media ploys. While we're running America's businesses, these elites are sitting in lecture halls and coffee houses, scheming, with only a piece of paper degree to endorse their ideas.