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NBC Stimulates General Electric With Environmentalist Propaganda

Update... NBC sells Obama's socialized health care on Law and Order

Big Hollywood noticed the same thing.

Virtually all of NBC's shows are simmering with "green" propaganda, from "Green Week" to Jay Leno's green car challenge. The other day, Leno dedicated a lengthy portion of his show to eating less meat and recycling.

NBC is owned by General Electric, which is heavily invested in wind turbines and other green technologies. GE receives government stimulus funds to construct wind turbines, and in typical NBC style, it is a deal closely linked to China.

Propaganda to buy General Electrics crap, more money from tax payers, and a boost in ratings. What's not to love about phony environmentalist propaganda?

NBC brought in Al Gore to the Late Show, to try and explain global warming. Watch, it's comical:


Anonymous said...

Now that Obama is out a 'green czar', somebody's got to spread his green propaganda.

Anonymous said...

This whole game is about power and money. It's an assault on the economy and will cost real jobs. The liberal agenda has never been about defending and helping the little guy. In this case, large co. GE is getting their kickback while unemployment hits 10%.