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Newsweek Lie: President Obama Visited Berlin Wall

In Newsweek's report on the 60th anniversary of the Berlin Wall's collapse, they fail to report that Obama snubbed his promised visit. Newsweek instead compares Obama's influence to that of JFK and Ronald Reagan.

Newsweek falsely reports that "President: Barack Obama" visited Berlin. Obama was not president when he made his campaign speech in Berlin, and he wasn't anywhere near the site of the wall. Newsweek even fabricates the size of the crowd- 200,000 and boasts that it was 4 times the size of Republican Ronald Reagan's crowd.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I can't believe they had the gall to compare Obama to Reagan. Reagan gets the wall torn down while Obama uses his teleprompter. When is the media going to stop having to make up crap about this pathetic president to make him look a real leader?