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Obama's Role In Climategate

The first mention of Barack Obama came from a liberal defender of the faith here (skip to 4:28):

"I'm sorry, Michael Mann is at this point President Obama's point person as I understand it on climate change. He has rebutted the allegations, saying... there were some areas where they should not share their data, that they should not necessarily share data.'...

He's a senior ranking member of the Obama Administration."

Canada Free Press has traced the scandal to Obama's Science Czar John Holdren. Many emails have surfaced between Michael Mann and John Holdren.

When a scientist asks Holdren if he is worried that the burden of proof rests to heavily on a single scientist (Michael Mann), Holdren replies: "But, in practice, burden of proof is an evolving thing-it evolves as the amount of evidence relevant to a particular proposition grows."

I guess truth is a 'living document.'

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