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Obama's Town Hall Against Censorship In China Completely Staged

The communists were excited about The One's visit to China. They even arrested peaceful dissidents in celebration of the visit. Obama didn't disappoint! He said the US “does not seek to contain” China’s rise because communist China is "a source of strength."

In a move that appeased the American media, Obama held a town hall meeting in which he lauded America's core principles of freedom of information and freedom of religion and denounced censorship. Except the town hall itself was censored. Washington Post reports:

Virtually every aspect of the event was staged, and it was unclear how many Chinese citizens saw the hour-long exchange, which was not broadcast on national television. One of the most provocative statements Obama made -- about the importance of opening up the Internet -- was posted on Chinese news sites at first, but then was deleted.

Obama's audience, selected and coached beforehand by university officials, came from eight different Shanghai universities. A small, random sampling suggested the vast majority were members of the Communist Party. Many of the eight questions put to the president by students echoed Chinese government talking points...

Before the meeting, Liu Yupang, a 21-year-old mechanical engineering student from Shanghai's Jiaotong University, said he and fellow students had been given an afternoon of "training" before they could participate in the question-and-answer session.

Obama said he will not impose "any system of government on any other nation" (except Honduras.)

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