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US media covers up Muslim shooter's connections to Obama, 9/11

Update... AP reports on the 9/11 link here

Time magazine is blaming "secondary trauma" for Hasan's attack
completely burying the obviously true motive.

MSNBC is the only mainstream media to mention Nidal Malik Hasan's attendance at Homeland Security meetings that influenced Obama's policies. MSNBC confirms that Hasan actively contributed with questions at at least one such event.

The media has completely buried this story, attacking anyone who mentions it as an extremist anti-Obama conspiracy theorist.

British media found that Hasan attended the same radical mosque at the same time as the 9/11 hijackers, something the US media has been completely silent about and the government has been unable to discover.

American Muslims took to the streets to praise the jihad attack. Video:


As the ignored warning signs come pouring out, it is only natural that the media takes the task upon itself to prevent wacky conspiracy theorists from drawing any connection between Hasan and 9/11. Newsweek and NPR said, "I cringe that he's a Muslim... because it inflames all the fears... with that label attached to him, it will get the right wing going... that makes it much worse."

Congregants at the mosque who knew him say: "He was a typical fundamentalist Muslim." You won't see anyone report that. Saudi-run Fox News is too busy reporting about topless coffee shops.

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Glenn Beck is going to have a hay day with this. I can't wait.