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Al Gore admits ice melting prediction is bogus, Associated Press continues to Lie

Update... Gateway Pundit and Sweetness and Light copied me and didn't give me credit. Oh well, I do the same thing to them! lol

Al Gore admitted that his dire prediction for 75% probability of complete Artic ice melting within 5 years is only a 'ballpark figure', not based on any solid evidence.

Gore had preached in the Copenhagen Climate Conference that computer modeling shows the earth's artic poles will be ice free in 5 to 7 years.

But the Associated Press continues to run the false report.

AP begins with the lie that there has been "several years of dramatic retreat by polar sea ice." Actually, Artic ice is growing. You will never see AP report this scientific fact. They push lies instead based on money-seeking politicians like Al Gore. AP throws out other half-baked statistics to bring urgency to their report.

AP falsely reports that Al Gore received his information, as a"group presented two new reports updating fast-moving developments in Antarctica." Actually, Gore received this information "several years ago in a conversation" with a scientist, according to Times.

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