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Associated Press Double Standard On Leaked Emails

New York Times isn't the only one unfairly attacking climategate criticism because it is based on hacked emails. Far from it!

The Associated Press starts their report: "The e-mails from a British university's climate center were obtained by computer hackers and posted online about two weeks ago." They lament that global warming demonstrations at today's Senate hearings "were ignored in favor of the more explosive e-mails."

Earlier AP strongly rebuffed the hacker as they reported the documents "were stolen by hackers." AP titled this report Scientist: Leak of climate e-mails appalling.

Is it worth noting that these 'stolen emails' were compiled by the university themselves because of a Freedom of Information Request- which the univerisity successfully stonewalled??


During the presidential elections, AP denied a Secret Service request for copies of Sarah Palin's hacked emails. AP pulls this crap all the time! Leaked emails are good if they bash conservatives, but bad if they hurt 'progressive' causes.

In in a recent Associated Press article on blame for pirate attacks, AP fails to mention that the entire article is based on 'stolen' emails, though it is strongly suggested at the end of the report. No hacking here!

Records obtained by The Associated Press show that maritime safety groups issued at least seven such warnings in the days before outlaws boarded the Maersk Alabama about 380 miles off the shore of Somalia...

Crew members found the warnings in the ship’s computer system when the Alabama returned to sea, Perry said... repeated the 600-mile recommendation in an e-mail addressed to "Maersk Alabama — Master... Over the next six days, SecureWest repeated the recommendation in an e-mail to the Alabama that reported an April 2 attack

Barbara Boxer wants a criminal probe into the climategate hackers. Strangely AP doesn't report this.

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