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Beatings And Arrests Begin On Iran Protest Anniversary

Update... Police have surrounded some universities and homes of known protesters. More updates to come...

The Associated Press reports that Iran turned off the internet, arrested journalists, and cracked down on rooftop shouts of protest in recent days.

Top Afghan reporter Josh Shahryar reports dozens of peaceful protesters were arrested in Laleh Park, police have been harassing students at Qom University, and police threatened dozens of journalists. Government media has been warned not to cover the protests, and foreign journalist permits have been revoked. The list of recently arrested includes reporter Tahireh Riahy, human rights activist Hayedeh Tabesh, academic Akbar Karami, and three students at Lahejan City.

Two prisoners have recently died in Evin prison from torture. Prisoner Naseh Yousefi has been severely tortured.

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