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CBS Double-Standard Outrage Of Hate Crimes Against Muslims & Gays

CAIR presents this media report by CBS of a press conference involving politicians, community leaders, media personalities, and religious leaders all condemning vandalism of a mosque in Sacramento, California.

Quite a spectacle! I agree it looks like a hate crime, and should be condemned. But what about the hate crimes against Christians and African-Americans? The Associated Press and others lied about government statistics which showed hate crimes against Christians and blacks is much greater than against Muslims, and is growing faster.

CBS deceptively hyped the statistics of crimes against gays and Muslims while failing to report that crimes against Christians and conservatives are far greater, and rising. CBS via the Associated Press repeated evil Jerry Brown's claim that hate crimes against gays in Sacramento are skyrocketing. This report fails to mention hate crimes against Christians.

CBS was completely silent when gay-rights vandals struck a Mormon church in Sacramento because of proposition 8. I can't find a single mention of it by CBS. Yet CBS mentions every mugging or beating of a gay person that occurs in California, screaming hate crime.

CBS reported hate crime vandalism against Mormons in nearby Fullerton, but there has been no media spectacle in any of the wave of violence against Mormons in California. The media perpetuated the bigoted violence, rather, by publishing blacklists of Mormons who donated to the political proposition. A window gets broken in a mosque, some paintings fall, and a koran falls to the ground. Suddenly CBS is outraged.

No media spectacle when anti-Semetic vandals target a Jewish temple in Sacramento. CBS2 and CBS 13 in California don't hype such nonsense.

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