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Iran Police Shoot At Ten of Thousands Of Protesters

Police have begun shooting into crowds of protesters, and many have been arrested in cities around Iran. Tear gas filled the streets. Tens of thousands flocked to universities, reports AP, despite a huge police presence. Currently, protests are continuing into the night.

Details have been slow because Iran cut off internet and foreign media access. The newspaper Human Rights Activists In Iran was banned from print. Opposition leaders are at the rallies.

Jimmy Carter toasted the Shah's Iran as 'an island of stability' thirty-two years ago this day.


Azad Medical University
High school girls protest
"Down with [Supreme Leader] Khamenei" Khajeh Nasir Tousih University
Tehran University
Amir Kabir University
"Down with the Dictator" Tehran University
"Freedom, Freedom, FREEDOM" Kerman University Protest
"Basiji go get lost!" Azad University
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