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Associated Press praises socialized healthcare, falsely reports Obama is focused

AP was excited when bad unemployment news distracted Obama's attention from his terrorism failures. Now, AP praises Obama for spending all his waking hours negotiating socialized healthcare.

Jan 16 (AP)- ...Participants said the president occasionally broke away for phone calls — especially as the Haiti earthquake disaster unfolded Wednesday — but otherwise kept his seat in the Cabinet Room hour after hour as lawmakers haggled over details such as how to tax high-end health insurance plans.

By Friday, lawmakers said they were near an accord.

It's the type of nitty-gritty, down-in-the-weeds work that a president often delegates to a chief of staff or lower aide. But Obama led the negotiations himself, cajoling, wheedling and prodding House and Senate leaders to make compromises that will result in one bill that can pass both chambers, even if by the narrowest of margins and with no help from Republicans...

If Republicans manage to kill it — and a GOP win in Massachusetts's tight contest Tuesday to replace the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy could position them to do so — then Obama will have no way to distance himself from the political disaster...

But Obama could join a small pantheon of domestic-policy heroes such as Franklin Roosevelt (Social Security) and Lyndon Johnson (Medicare) if the health care bill leads to the extensive reforms that he and fellow Democratic leaders say it will.

By any measure, Obama's willingness to negotiate for hours on end is remarkable, said Ross K. Baker, a Rutgers University political scientist who studies Congress closely.

The Associated Press goes on to falsely claim that Bush never did the "nitty-gritty" negotiating work for bills. What a short memory! AP doesn't bother hiding their bias, as they attack Republicans as killers and "no helps" while praising Obama as a "domestic-policy hero" for pushing the unconstitutional bill. Obama's "cajoling, wheedling and prodding" probably refers to Democrats' outrageous bribes for votes and strong-arming.

AP says Obama only took breaks to make some phone calls about Haiti (which btw consisted of meeting with Clinton and Bush and completely organizing America's efforts... yea short phone call), but what about this:

Was Obama's attacks on Wall Street companies who resist his take-overs pre-recorded? Obama has gone on to lead a crusade for TARP cash as part of his socialist bailout. It has been well reported in recent days that Obama is pushing a new tax against banks.

Did Obama clone himself? How did he achieve all this while sitting in a room for days negotiating socialized healthcare? What about Obama's big birthday party for Michelle?

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Anonymous said...

Obama is negotiating the "nitty gritty"? Give me a break. It is obvious as he talks about the bills that he has not personally read ANY of the them in their entirety.