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Associated Press: Unemployment is good distraction away from Obama's failures

AP is on an emotional roller-coaster ride as realize Obama sucks. First they praised Obama's new stimulus plan even though the last several only raised the unemployment rate. Then AP ridiculed Obama for always blaming Bush on his troubles.

Today, AP reached an even less logical conclusion as they reasoned that rising unemployment rates will distract people away from Obama's national security failures...

Riveted for the past two weeks on terrorism, the White House has been eager for a subject change. And Friday's remarks were an attempt to return national attention to Obama's domestic agenda, particularly jobs.

As long as the focus remains on terrorism, Obama is vulnerable to criticism that he isn't aggressively addressing the jobs crisis - potentially damaging politically for Democrats in this year's midterm elections.

So basically all the liberal media needs to do is continue to brainwash people into thinking Obama is doing something to help the economy. What is he doing to help? I dunno... green jobs? bank bailouts? socialist healthcare?

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