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Dems To Lose Massachusetts, Associated Press to the rescue!

Update! Kennedy doesn't even know Coakley's name! Ted's widow called her Marcia not Martha. So much for AP's attempt to paint her as the next Ted Kennedy!

Republican Scott Brown leads Democrat Martha Coakley 58-37 according to the latest by American Research Group. Associated Press tells a different story:

Coakley hopes for historic win in Kennedy seat bid

For much of her campaign, Martha Coakley steered clear of the Kennedy mystique, methodically crafting a low-key campaign to fill the late Edward Kennedy's U.S. Senate seat the way the seasoned prosecutor would build a case in court.

Yes, they seriously wrote this. Coakley has been anything but low-key. From physically beating reporters and lying about it, falsely calling Curt Shilling a Yankees fan, to fliers claiming Brown will deny rape victims access to hospitals, Coakley has pulled out all the stops. Naturally AP doesn't report any of these events.

But with the wheels threatening to come off the campaign and a double-digit lead eroding to a dead heat in the polls

That is false, as I have demonstrated.

Tolerance alert:

oakley, hoping to become the first woman elected to the U.S. Senate in Massachusetts, said she always expected a tough election.

"Scott's come after me. I'm going to respond and voters will choose," Coakley said after a recent debate. "I'm not going to let anyone distort my record."

Oh yea, Brown has sure come after her alright! Actually, Brown said he will file criminal complaints against Coakley for fliers that falsely claim Brown wants to deny rape victims access to hospitals. Not a peep from AP. AP reports that Kennedy's widow endorses her, but doesn't report about Bill Clintons coming over to campaign for her. Why not? Maybe because he is supposed to be in Haiti!

Coakley said she's been working hard since wrapping up a decisive win in a four-way primary, claiming 47 percent of the vote. Coakley said she's bringing the same passion to the campaign that she's put into her work.

It's a drive Coakley said she learned early on, growing up one of five children in western Massachusetts and pursuing a legal career at a time when women still faced significant hurdles...

In 1998, she was elected district attorney in Middlesex County. She made her first statewide run in 2006 and became the first woman elected attorney general.

The race to fill Kennedy's seat is the culmination of a decade's long quest for Coakley, 56, who grabbed the public's attention with the high-profile prosecution of Louise Woodward, a British nanny charged with shaking to death a Newton couple's infant son in 1997.

Deborah Eappen, whose son Matthew died, said she appreciated Coakley's work on her family's behalf.

Did I mention she is a woman?

The shaken baby syndrome case is under doubt from recent evidence. Oh, but Coakley is a woman, by the way.

In the closing days of the campaign, Coakley has turned her prosecutorial eye on her GOP opponent, grilling him to the point where Brown turned to her at a recent debate and said, "I'm not a defendant. I'm not in your courtroom."

I would love to see the entire context of this. We know Coakley has no problem lying about Brown, saying he wants to deny healthcare to rape victims.

Coakley also faulted Brown for filing an amendment in 2005 that would have allowed doctors and nurses with religious beliefs to deny emergency contraception to rape victims.

"He needs to stand on his position," she said. "If that's his position, that's great, then voters can decide. But don't pretend that's not his record."

Turns out AP did report it! Except this is a lie.

"I love to cook. I love to downhill ski," she said. "I really feel very blessed that I get to work every day on behalf of the public and have a great personal life with a husband who loves me."

How cute. Hopefully she'll give that final vote to the socialized healthcare bill. (roll eyes) AP sure is desperate on this one!

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Anonymous said...

Should we expect anything less from a woman who let off the curling-iron rapist? Coakley will sink to any level.