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England Says American Spies Hacked Climegate Emails

Laugh of the day

You may recall the climategate emails were compiled by the university itself after a FIO request. The request was blocked and someone inside leaked it. Anyone who read the original website on which it was leaked knows this. The media has falsely labeled this a hack.

Now the embarrassed British liberals are taking it to the next level:

"The emails date back to 1996, so someone was collecting the data over many years. It looks like possibly the work of an intelligence service. What it was was a very well co-ordinated part of a campaign. It was a difficult piece of work to get that done.

"I've no inside knowledge except for the fact that I did work with our [intelligence] agencies, and the American agencies, that I have some experience...

"If it was a maverick group then I suppose it could be the Americans, but I am hazarding a guess as much as anyone else. The only thing is, I've worked within government and I've seen this in operation. It was a sophisticated and expensive operation. In terms of the expense, there is the American lobby system which is a very likely source of finance. Right now, the American lobbyists are a very likely source of finance for this, so the finger must point to them."

The emails were friggin assembled by the University itself!! It was a LEAK! LEAK!!!!

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