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Russia Today Slip-up Reveals They Regret Obama's Losses

At 0:45 producer of Russia's highly socialist media RT Lucy Kafanov says before Republican Scott Brown's win:

"I mean, Obama campaigned for the Democratc governor candidates in New Jersy and Virgina, and unfortunately... uh or, depending on whiat side of the aisle you are, I guess... both of those candidates lost to... Republicans won of those cases.

So again, if the Republican takes the seat, I think it would be an indication that perhaps Obama's power is no longer what it was[..].

The difficulty in this is, because we in the media expected this to be such a shoe-in for the Democrats, there actually aren't any exit polls, so we don't know. The latest polls I've seen say that it'ss pretty close. So unfortunately we'll have to wait until tomorrow or at least until 8 when they close to find out.

Too bad for her Obama lost once again.


Anonymous said...

It's obvious she meant unfortunately for Obama. I don't see how this proves a liberal bias. This network bashes obama all the time.

Anonymous said...

RT trashes Obama more than Fox News.

Mr. Cucha said...

Russia Today could seem pro-Obama, but "I come upon this news service, Russia Today (RT), thinking it showed views other news didn't show...At every chance the hosts of RT and its affiliates can, they paint America in crisis or in distress." (