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Associated Press Begins Smears Against California Gov. Candidate

Ex-eBay CEO defends strategy in Calif. gov's race

AP starts off with "news" about an "independent" Democratic group that is preparing to attack Whitman as a candidate spending millions to buy the office. Naturally AP wants to put the most conservative Republican on the defensive, even before the Republican primaries. As a matter of fact, attack ads have already begun from democrats meddling in the primary.

The Democrat attackers aren't independent at all. They are Jerry Brown backers.

AP "reports" that she "has been criticized for failing to talk with news reporters who are familiar with the problems facing California." Would those reporters familiar with California's problems happen to be from the Associated Press?

Apparently not, because the Associated Press only reports on needed budget cuts- which AP agrees with Whitman on- and, well, that's about it. California's other enormous problems don't get any mention.

AP also fails to report that Whitman's Republican opponent accuses her of threats and intimidation.

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Anonymous said...

Meg is a survivor. Despite the smears she is still gaining percentage points. And if she wins maybe California won't turn into Greece :)