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Associated Press Covers Up Socialist Gunman's Release By Democrat

The Associated Press reported that Amy Bishop had previously been arrested after she shot her brother dead. AP says there are "questions how the investigation was handled."

The answer is simple. Democratic Rep. William Delahunt. He was district attorney at the time and made a call that got her released from prison. Apparently AP doesn't want people to know this.

AP reports that Smart was investigated when a pipe bomb was sent to one of Bishop's colleagues, after a dispute between the two. AP says they can't find out the nature of the dispute... hmmm....

The Associated Press fails to report Smart's next item on the list of violent behavior, she robbed an automobile dealership with a shotgun. As for the first shooting incident, WBSM shows glaring evidence that Amy murdered him in cold blood.

Amy was obsessed with Barack Obama, reports Boston Herald, quoting a family source. Students describe her as a socialist teacher.

You won't see AP report any of that!

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