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Associated Press Headline: GOP Hopefuls "Love To Hate" Washington

Update... Romney didn't take the bait says frumforum.

Top headline at

AP never actually reports the name of the "town" that the CPAC was held. The headline screams hypocrisy, that the GOP bashes Washington yet "crowds" it. AP begins the propaganda piece with this biased slant:

Republicans who may want President Barack Obama's job flocked to the town they love to hate this weekend and repeatedly ripped into the Democrat, an early tryout of sorts for the GOP nomination...

Republicans want to take a job that belongs to Obama. The haters hypocritically flocked to the "town" of Washington, and just complained about Obama, which is an annual rite of passage for them. Got that?

"Barack Obama has created at least three jobs that I know of: Bob McDonnell, Chris Christie and Scott Brown," former House speaker Newt Gingrich told a fawning crowd Saturday, celebrating recent GOP victories in governor's races in Virginia and New Jersey, and the Senate in Massachusetts, respectively.

He predicted Republicans would take back control of Congress this fall and added: "We'll elect a new president in 2012."...

Here's the set up. It sounds like the GOP is pridefully toting their recent victories that they only won with public anger, with fawning crowds following them like sheep.

...courted conservatives with lengthy speeches... Gov. Tim Pawlenty plugged away at both events... They are putting campaign teams in place, visiting early primary voting states and using political action committees to sow good will — and money — among the party's candidates...

...they see an opportunity to capitalize on anger rippling through the electorate over his policies... Each speaker delivered what could only be described as early versions of a routine campaign address...

Now AP concentrates their focus on one candidate.

As the conference began Thursday, several in the audience yelled "Romney-Brown 2012" after newly elected Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown, a Republican, made a surprise appearance to introduce Romney. The 2008 failed presidential candidate's previous campaign experience showed through as he delivered speech highly critical of Obama, as well as Washington.

..."Sometimes I wonder whether Washington's liberal politicians understand the greatness of America," the former governor said.

Cherry-picked quote to make him sound like an opportunist. Listen to the whole thing.

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