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Daily Mail Falsely Reports U.S. Soldier Waterboarded His Daughter

Did a U.S. soldier waterboard his 4 yr old daughter because she couldn't recite the alphabet?

That's the story spreading like a wildfire all over the internet. But it is false. The British media is always eager to demean American soldiers, using firecracker stories about abuse and torture. But has hit a new low.

Daily Mail reports Tabor "used the CIA torture technique" because "he was so angry." A photo showing the graphic technique is shown below. But what actually happened is this: Tabor was drunk, beat the little girl, and dunked her head in water. As the Daily Mail's photo shows, waterboarding is NOT dunking someone's head under water, it is pouring water up someone's nose while they are upside down.

The English media falsely attributes the abuse to interrogation techniques "used by the CIA to break Al Qaeda suspects at Guantanamo Bay." The incindiary tabloid also fails to report the other physical abuse, including scratching, locking in closets, and forcing the girl to sit in urine-filled clothes.

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