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Frank Garret: The New International Prank Calling Craze

A local Fox station recently found the tip or a hidden iceburg. Hundreds of pranksters around the world have discovered internet soundboards from which they make prank phone calls. They then make soundboards with clips of the victims they called and prank more people. Literally tens of thousands of such phone calls are on youtube.

By far the most popular victim is a construction company owner named Frank Garret in Stiwell Oklahoma. Pranksters set up his personal blog, his facebook, they even drove to Stillwell and took pictures of his house. Over 1,000 calls with his voice are on youtube.

According to reports, the FCC and "other law enforcement agencies" are tracking down the prank callers. This report suggests that there have been arrests. By using anonymous phone numbers on Skype and going through proxy servers, they elude IP trackers.

Warning: The prank calls have extremely foul and vulgar language!!!

The most popular prank caller is W3baholicX in Canada. Also popular are AntiVenom9808, KidKid911, and Chris Santos. Panks have spread from USA to England, and to Australia and other countries.


Anonymous said...

Weren't you doing something like this with your Judge Judy prank calls?

Dr B said...

Would I take part in this kind of illegal behavior??

Anonymous said...

You? Never!

kidkid911 said...