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HotAir Fabricates Controversy: Mitt Romney Will Ditch The South

Allah Pundit is at it again on Michelle Malkin's He quotes the leftist communist-named Boston Phoenix to make a case that Romney is alienating the Republican base south.

It's a review of Romney's book No Apology: The Case for American Greatness. David Bernstein somehow gets the idea that Romney will try to win without support in the South. Is Romney not attending enough barbeques and NASCAR events? This deceitful tactic is actually effective, because it portrays Romney as shifting positions. Bernstein is careful not to mention Mormonism in his report- apparently he doesn't want to demonize the large Republican base that hates other religions- but places all the blame on Romney. He isn't reaching out enough! He doesn't Twitter about every little glitzy issue that comes up like Sarah Palin does!

Looking at the comments at the bottom, there are many who pick up on the subtle Mormon-bashing and gleefully join in. Bernstein has the audacity to call Romney another John McCain. As we well know, these same complainers are the people who got Mike Huckabee popular, which single-handedly gave McCain the nomination. And it all came down to bigotry against Mormons.

This is just nonsense pulled out of thin air by ridiculous Palin followers, says the Weekly Standard:

Bernstein bases his claim on two pieces of evidence: (a) "Romney's PAC has started ignoring southern pols" and (b) "most revealing is Romney's decision not to attend this year's Southern Republican Leadership Conference (SRLC) in April in New Orleans."

Let's look at these in reverse order. A spokesman for Romney's Free and Strong America political action committee tells me the governor isn't attending the SRLC because of a scheduling conflict. "The reason Mitt Romney is not attending the SRLC is because of conflicts with his book tour," says Eric Fehrnstrom. "The book, No Apology: The Case for American Greatness, comes out March 2 and he's on the road promoting it the entire month of March and half of April. During the SRLC, he'll be in Philadelphia (World Affairs Council speech), New Hampshire (St. Anselm's Institute of Politics speech and remarks to Politics and Eggs breakfast), Boston (Ford Hall Forum speech) and Minneapolis (book signing, Freedom Foundation speech)."

Nor does missing one conference signify rejection of an entire constituency. Sarah Palin made a highly publicized decision to skip next week's Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C. Does that mean she thinks she can win the nomination without conservative support? Hardly. The same rule applies to Romney.

Despite Bernstein's assertion to the contrary, Romney seems also to be paying attention to "Southern pols." In 2009 he campaigned and fundraised for South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint, Virginia governor Bob McDonnell, the Georgia House Republican Caucus, and the Duval County, Florida, GOP. This month, he's scheduled to appear at a joint fundraiser for Georgia congressmen Westmoreland, Gingrey, and Price, and another for Florida Republican Rep. Connie Mack. Romney's book tour (the full schedule hasn't been released) will also take him through a variety of Southern locales.

Since losing the 2008 primary to John McCain, Romney has been expanding his political network. That expansion has not been limited to a particular area. Listen to him and his advisers: Romney will compete in the South.

I am stunned that a great publication like Hot Air would repeat such an obvious and despicable lie to shore up support for Sarah Palin. Michelle Malkin, my how the mighty have fallen!

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