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Iran Police Shoot At Protesters Before Revolution Holiday

Update... Iran says it arrested 2 CIA operatives planning protests...

Iran has cut internet connections since last week.

Iran arrested 7 people at a US-funded Radio station for being spies

Clashes already reported as thousands of Hezbollah and Iranian secret police attacked student protesters, throwing some out of windows and kidnapping at least 20 in vans. Cell phones are jammed and universities are surrounded. Gunfire can be heard in these videos, and beatings of old women can be witnessed.

No mercy.

There are reports that 9 more peaceful protesters will be executed soon. One is confirmed executed by Iran.

Iran is gearing up for pro-democracy protests by switching plastic trash bins for metal bins and by installing loudspeakers to drown out the chants. Usually Iran is festive on the holiday which marks the 1979 Islamic revolution.

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