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MTV Exploits Romney/ Rapper "Argument" Ridiculing Mormonism In New Album

LMFAO Track Inspired By Mitt Romney Airplane Altercation
"'We're gonna use this incident to actually bring the world closer together,' Redfoo says."

Redfoo and Sky Blu plan to release a new track on Friday titled "We Came to Party (The Vulcan Grip Mix)" inspired by the incident, where Romney and Sky Blu were whisked off an airplane after arguing with one another.

As you recall, this "altercation" or "arguing" was actually this unknown rapper attacking Mitt Romney after the loser rapper refused to lower his seat for takeoff, as he was sitting in front of Romney's wife. Viacom's MTV falsely reports that Romney was whisked off the plane and fails to report the actual events.

Viacom falsely reports that Romney attacked the rapper with a Vulcan grip. Video proof shows otherwise.

Viacom wants to "bring the world closer together" by milking the ridiculous event for money. Naturally Viacom ridicules Romney's Mormon religion with the album's lyrics:
"They call me Superfly, I always got two bitches/ You go to church and tithe, I really ain't religious/ You're on P's and Q's, I sip that Jesus juice."

Oh, but Viacom forgives Romney for being Mormon:

The guys said they'd like to do shots with the politician, playing off of their Lil Jon-assisted single "Shots." But Romney, a devout Mormon, doesn't drink alcohol.

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