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NBC Exploits Olympic Athlete's Death, Airing Video Of Fatality

Showing the video of the grisly death is bad enough, with a 2 second warning before hand, but repeating it 3 times in slow motion?

Sounds like a shades of NBC/GE's genocide Olypmics. Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvil died in the training accident for the Vancouver 2012 Winter Olympics.

Related... Protesters vandalize downtown Vancouver, don't expect to see this on NBC (from AP):


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Anonymous said...

I was shocked by this video. I clicked on it on CNN, saw their little warning and figured it'd just show a bunch of paramedics gathering and someone being carried off in a stretcher or something like that. When it showed the actual accident I was sickened and immediately was sorry for the athlete's friends and family who now have to deal with scene of his death being played over and over throughout the world.