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Time/Yahoo Blame Republicans For Gridlocking Government

Fair and Balanced from Time Magazine:

Look no farther than the November special election in New York's 23rd congressional district for evidence of how a divided GOP will fail... And there's a fine line with swing voters between being perceived as saving America from Obama's supposedly socialist agenda and blocking job-saving and - in the case of health care - life-saving legislation for the sake of pure politics.

Which is partly why Republicans are doing their best to keep a civil tone. No one yelled "You lie!" at Obama during his speech Wednesday night, though there was much rolling of eyes and shaking of heads from the GOP side of the aisle. Republicans realize they have to look like they are at least trying to get something achieved this year, even as they benefit politically from continued gridlock on Capitol Hill.

Ouch! Someone sounds scared!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ridiculous. Apparently they missed the photograph the other day of the GOP handing Obama their healthcare solution. Republicans have ideas, but the Dems have disregarded all of them in favor of their own. That's not gridlock, it's a liberal power play.