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Associated Press: Don't worry, Obama will flood more Illegal Aliens to take our jobs!

The timing couldn't be worse. We are stuck with double digit unemployment, and now Obama chooses to assure his neglected illegal alien voting constituents that he will make sure they can stay in America and take up our jobs.

Naturally the Associated Press won't label them illegal aliens, but "immigration advocates."

AP tells us Obama needs to "solve the problem," and that Latinos "don't think progress is being made." They admit that the immigrants' "votes will be critical in the November midterm elections" but fail to ever admit that these are illegal immigrants we are talking about, people who have no right to vote at all.

AP admits that the Democrat politicians are looking to illegal aliens for "the future flow of lower-skilled labor" but successfully gloss over any kind of outrage considering the state of our economy. Millions upon millions out of work. Not till the end does AP admit what this "immigration overhaul" is really about: "a pathway to legalization for the estimated 12 million people in the U.S. illegally."

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