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Associated Press Lie: Catholic Nuns Suddenly Support Obamacare

Top headline at liberal Yahoo, AP's last ditch effort to pass Obamacare (and here):

"President Barack Obama's sweeping health care legislation won precious support from a longtime liberal holdout in the House on Wednesday and from a retired Catholic bishop and nuns representing dozens of religious orders — gaining fresh traction ahead of a climactic weekend vote."

Actually the support from the Catholic group didn't come Wednesday. It came 3 months ago, though they reiterated their misguided belief that the bill doesn't support abortion. Obviously it does. Old news.

AP claims that the 60 leaders of religious orders represent over 59,000 Catholic nuns, which is unsubstantiated. AP identifies the group as "Network, A National Catholic Social Justice Lobby." Does Social Justice ring a bell? Hmmm

Obviously the group is socialist, though AP doesn't report it. They admit front and center that they are a lobbying group, though AP never reports it. Network's progressive issues, according to their website, include:
  • Just and fair treatment for immigrants
  • Healthcare for all
  • Wage equity
  • Fair and just global trade and responsible investment
  • Fair and just taxation
No mention of abortion on the list, though that is what they are falsely claiming about the bill, that it doesn't include abortion. Big Journalism exposed the lobbyist group's shady background:

It isn’t part of the Church nor does it represent any official group of religious Catholics, nor does it serve as a source of Catholic teachings.

The truth is that CHA chief Carol Keehan, a Daughter of Charity nun, is paid around $800,000 a year to advocate for this trade association, not the Catholic Church

The socialist group links to SEIU.


1 comment:

Euripides said...

Good call! Gotta get those nuns on board to support leftist legislation! I wouldn't have believed the story when it broke three months ago just because I have no confidence that abortion won't be supported somehow, somewhere in this bill.