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Associated Press Lie: Toyota Driver "Rebuts" Hoax Allegations

Lawyer rebuts doubts about runaway Prius driver

That's the headline from AP, but where's the content?

"I don't put a whole lot of stock in their explanation," he said. "It's not surprising they couldn't replicate it. They have never been able to replicate an incident of sudden acceleration. Mr. Sikes never had a problem in the three years he owned this vehicle."

That's supposed to be a rebuttal? That's just a denial. Let's skip to the very end of the article for AP's brilliant rebuttal to the claims that the Toyota driver is just another Balloon Boy seeking attention.

"Gomez said the best evidence that his client was frantically slamming the brakes is that the CHP officer smelled burning brakes and saw the lights on.

Gomez also represents the family of CHP Officer Mark Saylor, which sued Toyota this month in San Diego Superior Court."

That's some mind blowing evidence alright! AP then disproves that "rebuttal" with some common sense:

"The Wall Street Journal reported Saturday that the wear was not consistent with the brakes being applied at full force for a long period, citing three people familiar with the probe, whom it did not name. The newspaper said the brakes may have been applied intermittently."

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